From an idea to a philosophy.

Engineering services require a complex understanding of processes and extensive knowledge of the application of specific software. Knowledge that can only be acquired in the long term through personal, practical experience.

DGProject was founded to pass on this knowledge. An idea was born out of the experience gained in our own projects: the idea of passing on our knowledge in such a way that it is heard and understood. Projects in our specific area were being managed in a short-sighted way, tools were being used half-heartedly and inexpertly and colleagues often returned from training courses dissatisfied. Even though the aim of “making things better” exists in many industries, the idea came about of turning that aim into our own philosophy – and this was the moment when DGProject was born.


“DGProject Dallüge Günther Partnership - consulting engineers -” was established in 2007 in the legal form of a partnership, created by a group of freelancers coming together. Aircraft construction in Hamburg proved to be an area that was grateful for the ability to pass on knowledge. Initially work focused on supporting designers in using design tool sets. Once this area had grown even stronger, other areas such as project leadership, process consultancy, project management and training were added.


Following a structural change in DGProject, the legal form also changed in 2011 and DGProject GmbH came into being. The freelancers associated with us remain one of the pillars that support the success of DGProject. A broad base of permanent staff has also been added, who are now able to take on entire development packages in engineering.

DGProject also became a founding member of “Generation Success Alliance GmbH” in 2011. This joint venture focuses on aerospace supply chain integration.

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