The philosophy of success.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a concept, a strategy, perhaps even a philosophy. In fact, PLM is nothing new and it is not the same thing as PDM (product data management). We understand PLM as a company-specific concept for controlling and managing product and process-related
data throughout the entire product lifecycle.

DGProject provides you with the answers with its PLM services, which focus on digital product development - the point at which incoming information and orders are processed and at which results and data that you must be able to rely on are created.

We work with you to analyze the following success factors:

  • Command of the complexities of the product and process
  • Holistic understanding of processes
  • Efficient, transparent processes and rapid implementation of process adaptations
  • Roles, tasks and responsibilities of your staff
  • Information flows in your company
  • Central, up-to-date data maintenance (information processing)
  • Supplier integration
  • Tools (software), IT infrastructure, interfaces
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