The sustainability of prompt assistance.

Support is not just short-term help or assistance - support is much more. When we provide “support” not only is your capacity to work restored, but we also help you progress in the long term. The solutions offered by our support staff go beyond the specific issue if required and the client receives a long-term explanation for the problem using a training approach.

You are given a support concept that is adapted to your company’s requirements and conditions and the appropriate expert staff.

Which level of support will enable you to reach your goal?

  • 1st Level Support – Hotline
  • 2nd Level Support – Specialist back office
  • 3rd Level Support – Request management from the software developer
  • @elbow support (on-site support ), coaching / training on the job
  • User meetings: questions, answers, requests, suggestions, concerns
  • Info sessions: updates, solutions, news, status messages
  • Documentation: problem solutions, best practices, “company wikis”

Examples of measures to increase efficiency.

  • Development of methods – standardization
  • Automation potential – increase in efficiency
  • Process optimization – preventing frictional losses
  • Staff advancement – training courses, workshops, information meetings
  • Reporting, catalog of measures, project recommendations
  • Assessment criteria for investment decisions
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